Travel Tips for Plano Back Pain Sufferers


Now and then you run into a situation that really surprises you. It’s funny because when you don’t see it coming it can cause stress and worry but the reality is that laughter is one of the best medicines for stress.

So, I was driving through Plano TX the other day and I stopped into a drive through Starbucks to get a quick fix. Fortunately, Plano isn’t my home town so I wasn’t really worried about being seen getting a huge cup of coffee. When you are in the health industry everyone naturally expects that you live this perfect life and that you never take part in the excesses of life. The reality is that I know many health professionals that are so stressed about this that when they finally get away to a conference it is like their freshman year in college all over again – they just cut lose and go a bit crazy.

Getting back to my cup of coffee…I am waiting in a four car pile up that wraps around the side of the Starbucks and just listening to some music and not really paying attention. The next thing I know “BAM” out of nowhere I am hit from behind. How am I supposed to explain this one. I shouldn’t have been sitting in a queue at Starbucks to begin with and now just to make things interesting the next person in the queue is paying even less attention to what they are doing than I am.

I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up and my shoulders were starting to move upward toward my earlobes – a classic stress sign for me. I really didn’t want to get out of the car to see how much damage had been done to my rental car but it is one of those things that you just have to do. So, I get out and start heading toward the back of my car and I see this young lady sitting in the car behind me crying her eyes out. Now my natural instinct is to wonder over and try to find out what’s wrong but inside I am saying what is she all upset about.

So, I mozy on over to her car and tap on the window. She rolls down the window and the tears get even more intense. “My Dad is going to kill me!” I guess if I were in her shoes and I wrecked my Dad’s car I would be a bit panic stricken too. So, I say don’t worry it’s not all that bad – you have insurance, right? And once again the tears start pouring out and I can’t really make out what she is saying but I got the general gist that she wasn’t supposed to be driving her Dad’s car because she isn’t insured for driving it.

Now my own internal alarms are starting to go off. I try to talk to her and eventually after about 10 minutes I finally get her calmed down. At that point I was noticing that my spine was starting to act up. I guess it could be that I was just in a car accident or it could have been the fact that I am in a rental car and I declined the uninsured motorist policy as I figured, “who would ever drive a car today without insurance?” Guess I was wrong.

So, there I am trying to calm down this 20 year old who just ran into me with her car and finally she says, “Is your back bothering you – you should see my Chiropractor.” She was right, I could feel my sciatica and back pain just starting to flare up and my posture was beginning to shift to the right as it does when my back pain is flared up. I said, well that’s great because yes I could really use an adjustment. So, I ask where does you chiropractor practice?

The best Plano TX Chiropractor is just around the corner. Not even 50 meters from where we were standing and she was crying over her Dad’s wrecked car there was the sign for Farrar Family Chiropractic. So, I suggested, “Why don’t we park our cars and go get an adjustment?”

So, off we went to see her Chiropractor. When we entered the office I was met with a smile as wide as Texas and a friendly welcome. She introduced me to the Chiropractic Assistant and told her that she just crashed into me. The office assistant helped me to confirm my insurance and to complete my forms. Fortunately, I carry a letter from my own Chiropractor so that I could let them know the problems that I have with my spine.

I only had to wait a few minute and I had literally just finished my paperwork and I was then introduced to Dr. Farrar himself. He was a medium build friendly chap with a firm handshake. I explained to him what had just happened with the car accident and some of my spinal history and he said great lets get you adjusted. He explained the with most patients he would complete a full set of exams but given that I wasn’t from Plano and I wouldn’t be around for very long he was able to bypass that whole process and get me adjusted.

His adjustment was great – not too firm but not too gentle. He was able to move my sacrum and L5 which most chiropractors have a challenge with adjusting on my spine. Three smooth adjustments later I felt like a new man. I had to compliment the efficiency of the office and I will definitely go along with the fact that Dr. Farrar is one of the very best Chiropractors in Plano.

So, if you are ever in Plano TX and in need of a good Chiropractor for whatever reason I can highly suggest giving Farrar Family Chiropractic a call or visiting their website:

I never did get that cup of coffee; maybe next time but my surprise is that such a young grief stricken driver could make such a great recommendation. As she said, “I go to the best Plano TX Chiropractor”.

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